About Futureperfect Limited

Real Estate is the only investment that is being met with a gush of dopamine. It also confers honour. It’s the nature of a property. In the same vein, wrong investment in a solid asset is also met with a deeper pain.

  1. We help you sustain the euphoric feeling of acquiring real estate yet preventing the pain of losing money as you invest. Very few investment options make money appreciate in arithmetic progression. We understand you want the greatest profit.
  1. Thus, we take you through what goes into 2+2 to become 22 and not 4, by investing in a selected real estate. This increases your net worth as an individual.

Our Vision

Ensuring profitable investment in real estate

Our Mission

Making vantage properties available to our clients thereby increasing their opportunities to make more profit in real estate investment.

Your best guide through authentic real estate investing.

We do not want you to just buy real estate, we care that you buy right to build sustainable wealth.

Our Process

Getting to know you

We understand that every individual’s real estate investment journey is unique. Let’s get to know you and your future investment needs.

Needs assessment

We focus our service offering to clients with specific investment needs and readiness. Let us know your investment goals, values and plan. It determines the unique solution we recommend for you.


We get you to invest in our finely selected asset class. A decision you will be proud of in all sense and for years to come.

Best Use

Beyond investing, your asset is not accumulating dust like awards on the shelf. We put it to best use.

What our clients have to say

Listing for Sale or Rent

4 Bedrooms Terrace Duplex, Ogudu

The state of your mind being calm, peaceful and untroubled as a royalty that you are, depends on where you call home.
Where you feel you have done an excellent job to provide yourself and family with safety and strength, not just shelter.
When you buy a location, you are also buying wealth, prestige, class and status for you and your family. You get a pat on your back for a job well-done and for choosing well.
Take a sneak peek into the […]

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21% discount in the month of November only.

Buy 2 or 3 bedrooms flat or a 4 bedrooms terraces
Location: Lakowe, Ibeju Lekki

 Functional estate with infrastructure
Proximity to the Lakowe lakes and 18 hole golf course
Developer with credibility and track record
Transferable title
23km from VI, Lagos.

A. 2 bedrooms flat in a block of flat
Formerly: ₦14,500,000
Now: ₦12,325,000
B. 3 bedrooms flat in a block of flat
Formerly: ₦18,000,000
Now: ₦15,300,000
C. 4 bedrooms terraces
Formerly: ₦22,500,000
Now: ₦19,125,000

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Massive 5 bedrooms detached duplex for sale

Massive 5 bedrooms detached house with staff quarters
Sitting on 3,000+ sqm of dry solid land.
Title: Certificate of Occupancy
Location: Palmgroove Estate, Ilupeju Lagos.
The palmgroove estate is known to be secure, serene, well connected and laid out.
The property is old yet solid. It can be renovated or knocked down should you desire to build a mini estate.
Location and land size are just perfect for multiple units development.
Price: ₦395,000,000

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