Real estate investment protection tips

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Real estate investment protection tips

Lagos, Nigeria is a viable city for commercial and residential real estate investment.

Statistics show that about $22 billion remitted into Nigeria in 2017 by Nigerians living abroad. A large chunk of this value goes into real estate investment.

It is important to note that a high percentage of remittance in the name of real estate investment also turns out to be a loss for unsuspecting Nigerians living abroad. Such kind of loss is better imagined than experienced.

In other for you not to experience such loss after actively working hard to provide a wealth creation safety net, these are some of the things to note;

1. How viable is an investment in commercial or residential real estate in a particular city?

The economic growth of some cities is being influenced by politics. The earning and spending power determined by politics and political ruling class.

If you plan to invest not for personal use in some cities, you need to check well.

2. How much do you as an investor know about real estate in Nigeria?

Before investing in real estate in Nigeria, you must be conscientious. Willing, able and ready to do some good research. At most be ready and willing to follow a professional’s guide even at a fee. You will find out it is worth it in the end.

3. Do not fall for the almighty 'Global C of O' line.

There is always more to know and consider in a property title. Not every learned fellow can even help you decipher that. Especially when property law is not a core for a learned fellow. That a property or estate is covered by a global C of O is not enough reason to make investment decisions.

4. Your decisions are sound when they are based on facts and figures, not emotions or solidarity.

Nigerians are known to associate, belong to groups and communities. Existing investors in such groups unknowingly serve as an influence in the investment decision-making process of other members. The investment knowledge of an existing member of a group will not suffice for your own investment either as a return or fresh investor. Don't be passive about your investment. Get all the details necessary from right sources.

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