Before you go to inspect a greenfield (virgin) land, study these 10 nuggets. They’ll help you avoid regrets.

Before you go to inspect a greenfield (virgin) land, study these 10 nuggets. They’ll help you avoid regrets.

In the game of football, players are expected to keep fit and in top performance level through a sports season or through the lifetime of a player’s career. This expectation also holds true in real estate. An investor is required to keep updating knowledge for a high investment profitability fitness score as often as possible.

An investor achieves high profitability score in real estate by saving money, preventing loses or future stress. In some countries, among the options available to investors or aspiring homeowners is buying greenfield or virgin land in undeveloped areas. 

In Nigeria for instance, most investors often buy land to keep for future value appreciation or pending when they can gather sufficient cash to erect a structure. This option is very common and widely accepted. It is also an option that exposes investors to scam and all kinds of loses.

Over the years, we have worked with many clients following the path of buying greenfield real estate. In which our job is to ensure that they buy the best piece of greenfield real estate with zero tolerance for future stress. We have also gathered some evergreen nuggets that have helped us achieve the best results for investors.

To determine the investment profitability fitness score of a greenfield real estate, an investor is required to have sufficient information to measure an investment opportunity against. In the case of no knowledge at all, an investor is required to speak to a professional. Although not many investors, speak to professional before investing. It costs money to get good and unbiased advise. Many investors try to avoid that cost.

Avoiding the cost of consulting experts and professionals before investing in greenfield real estate most times comes at a higher cost. So to help you minimize these costs upfront and avoid touching stories, we selected these evergreen nuggets and we want you to have the free e-book. 

With the contents of this e-book, you are able to prevent losing money from greenfields real estate investments. The nuggets educate you on what to do and put in place before a site visit. You also get to know what to check on a site visit when you chose to go on one.

These nuggets are presented in simple and actionable steps that can be easily committed to heart. Please use the form below to request for the 10 nuggets e-book download. Let it be in your archive. It will be useful and handy in future for someone you know or even your children. It will be a good real estate education legacy.   


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