COVID-19 and the new tested definition of real estate.

One question in a survey we
conducted in the year 2018 says: what readily comes to mind when you hear the
word real estate? 20% of respondents said the word wealth comes to mind, 30%
said land, another 30% said house, while 15% said money.

This shows that real estate takes
on different definitions for different people in different phases of life.
Several reasons have been found to contribute to each respondent’s perspective
of what they think real estate is – reasons such as background,
self-development, migration […]


How crisis affects real estate and what investors can do

A crisis, such as our world is facing now, will cause certain demography to realize the importance of having their own space either through rent or ownership such that by the time the economy revives and stabilizes, there will be an increased demand for residential real estate as people would require bigger or smaller spaces to adjust to current realities.


How to make real estate valuable in a crisis.

At the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one envisaged it would endure for so long or spread as far and wide as it has. Now, the whole world is plunged in an undeniable economic crisis. A crisis is any circumstance that negatively impacts and influences the life of an individual or group of people, which they did not cause and over which they have no control.

While some developing African countries have not been so hit by the […]


5 real estate quotes to never ignore and the hidden wisdom they possess

Real estate goes beyond houses
and corporate high-rises. It is a foundational and much-required asset class
for wealth creation, multiplication, wealth transfer, and wealth preservation.
It is in no doubt an indispensable tool designed for the support and sustenance
of human life.

Humans over the centuries have
applied intelligence to raw physical real estate to transform it. This value
addition, in turn, attracts monetary value and has also created a lot of eureka
moments, some of which have been documented for knowledge transfer and to
inspire. These […]



There are
24 reasons why we invest in real estate and they are
not peculiar to any tribe or race. As long as you are a human being making real
estate decisions, your reason will be found on this list. 

It is a widely
favoured belief that monetary reward is the only pay-off of real estate
investment. But there is another kind of return, rarely talked about, which
accounts for more than half of the reasons why you would consider investing in real

other kind of […]


24 Unbelievable and Unavoidable Reasons Why You Invest in Real Estate

In order to succeed at real estate investments or wealth creation to the degree at which you desire to, it is important that you are clear on exactly why you want to invest. Most of the reasons why we invest are largely emotionally rooted. This helps you harness your internal energy and direct it appropriately while investing physically.

​It is surprising that people in times past have acquired real estate out of spite or out of making a statement such […]


Real estate and change

A few years ago, I got concerned about a dear client’s business continuity (I can be that nosy because if my clients are in business, then I am also in profitable business as well). So I asked what plans were in place to diversify business because of some changes in the sector of that business. Gladly, plans and implementation were ongoing to manage and navigate the inevitable change in the sector.

There is the saying that “make hay while the […]


Offshore Real Estate Investing. Yay or Nay?

There is a popular saying that goes “do not put all your eggs in one basket”. This means you should create or find other baskets to distribute your eggs into so that you can safeguard the eggs contained in the different baskets in the event of unforeseen occurrences that puts the eggs at risk. Such that even when some eggs are destroyed, you will have some left for use.

Most of the time, awareness, education and knowledge are the […]


I fired my popular attorney in less than 7 minutes

A few years ago, I was involved in a real estate
transaction. This transaction meant so much to the client I was representing. Being
a dedicated and committed real estate sourcing expert I brought my team onboard
independent of the client’s team and bill. To deliver the best result on a
client’s goal means the world to me.

In the midst of the fact-finding process, my attorney placed
a call through to me to express dissatisfaction over a line of the process that
it seems I […]


Is it possible to become homeless despite having properties?

Yes, it is possible to have properties and still be homeless.

I heard you say that cannot be true. 

It is hard to believe really. Let me tell you how it happened.

As of 1991, my family had two built properties and some parcels of land in Kaduna State, Nigeria. I was quite young but I was exposed to the economy of my family and I knew all that was going on. (It is important that you allow your children to know […]