April 6th, 2019 I checked Google notifications to catch up on the latest news headline and I saw the below caption in bold.

I once withdrew $10M cash just to look at it – Aliko Dangote – Punch Newspaper

The caption was
extracted from Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s 2019 Ibrahim Governance Weekend
interview of Aliko Dangote that took place in Abidjan, Côte de voire.

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“You know the way it is, is that when you first start a business, your target is to […]


EIGHT Proven Ways to Prevent Losing Money When You Pay in Instalments For Real Estate in Nigeria

1. Ensure there is protection for you in case the other party defaults.2. Ensure you know and understand the hidden and finely written clauses.3. Put in perspective the possibility of a loss and recovery process should you suddenly default.4. Understand that charges will be incurred by the developer on your payment. Should you choose to opt out, you will not get the full money back.5. Understand that real estate is not an appliance or gadget or a moving car. The dynamics […]


How to invest in city real estate for maximum profit

Properties of various shape and height dot the landscape of cities in Nigeria. A good number of these properties from my research are either now too big. And with a high maintenance cost, low income or no income at all.


It is okay to have a gigantic world-class edifice. It is then better to have a grand plan in place for its sustainability as well as profitability many years to come. The government usually won’t plan that for you. Hence […]


Stop loosing money while investing in real estate

In the year 2012, I bought an insurance policy sold by one of the insurance company operating in Lagos, Nigeria.
Why did I buy the policy?
A better way to save ₦600,000 in 5 years and get some considerable interest than saving it in the bank. The end picture was so fantastic at the time.
After all its a noble idea to save some money right?
That was my good enough reason to buy the policy.
After 5 months, tragedy struck. I lost my […]


How to have adequate control on your real estate investment relationship with a developer

In recent times, real estate investment means that you will be in a business relationship with your real estate developer for many years to come.
Therefore, business relationship with an estate developer is such that should be taken seriously as if your breadth depends on it even before it begins. I bet you don’t want a frustrating journey for that long.

So you need to check well to know what is within your control before signing the dotted lines with especially the […]


2 Key words to pay attention to when investing in real estate

As a fresh, repeat or serial investor in real estate, you always need to pay attention to these two words;
1. Owner
2. Seller
There is a huge difference between the two words. Misappropriating these two words can cause you a huge loss. The owner of a property can also be the seller while a seller most times are not the owner.
A lot of people are buying properties from sources or people who are not the rightful or legal owners of […]


Mistakes to avoid before investing in real estate.


Avoid the mistake of not having an investment plan.

Real estate investment does not have to be your first kind of investment.
Many people lose money when their income, lifestyle and expenses will not permit for a real estate investment with a transferable title.

Avoid not having investment values with some flexibility.

I have heard people say this “any property without a C of O, I don’t buy”. For some people, it is a standard.
They prepare for all the cost and work associated […]


Paying for a property does not make you an owner of the property.

Yes, it does not.
I am certain that very few people will share this perspective.
In real estate, becoming an owner is way beyond parting with hard-earned cash to the perceived seller of a property.
Real estate investment, involves some attention if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money.
In recent times, the fear of Omo-onile (indigenous landowners or settlers) became the beginning of wisdom in buying a landed property.
An average investor looking to invest in Nigerian real estate will prefer not […]


14 things you should consider before buying a residential property in a location.

1. Does living in the location add to or reduce your stress level.
About 12 years ago, I was an intern in an organization located in Victoria Island, Lagos. It was my first time of living in Lagos beyond 1 week for anything serious. At that time I lived with an Uncle in Ipaja area of Lagos, Nigeria.
I always had to be at the bus pick up point latest by 5:00 am in the morning. The company closes at 4:00 […]

property company in Nigeria

Real estate investment protection tips

Lagos, Nigeria is a viable city for commercial and residential real estate investment.
Statistics show that about $22 billion remitted into Nigeria in 2017 by Nigerians living abroad. A large chunk of this value goes into real estate investment.
It is important to note that a high percentage of remittance in the name of real estate investment also turns out to be a loss for unsuspecting Nigerians living abroad. Such kind of loss is better imagined than experienced.
In other for you […]