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Why you need to protect yourself as a taxpayer and investor.

Isn’t it appalling that a few people will obtain huge loans, default and then tax payer’s money will be used to off-set such loans?

AMCON has been on a voracious debt recovery assignment in the past few months. I became worried for AMCON because most assets recovered are pieces of real estate (landed property, machinery and buildings). How would they manage or convert to liquidity? I was also worried knowing that there is so much anomaly in Nigeria’s real estate […]


Before you go to inspect a greenfield (virgin) land, study these 10 nuggets. They’ll help you avoid regrets.

In the game of football, players are expected to keep fit and in top performance level through a sports season or through the lifetime of a player’s career. This expectation also holds true in real estate. An investor is required to keep updating knowledge for a high investment profitability fitness score as often as possible.
An investor achieves high profitability score in real estate by saving money, preventing loses or future stress. In some countries, among the options available to […]


Will your real estate business survive the pandemic?

What aspects of the real estate sector an investor should
invest in, or not invest in, during and post-COVID-19 remains an ongoing
conversation. It is still believed to be unclear what the new reality of the
pandemic will be to economies around the world. Most focused on, are aspects of
real estate that meet the essential human needs such as shelter, food, health,
mobility, logistics, storage and security. It is believed that in short to
mid-term periods, hospitality, education, events and commercial real estate may
take […]


COVID-19 and the new tested definition of real estate.

One question in a survey we
conducted in the year 2018 says: what readily comes to mind when you hear the
word real estate? 20% of respondents said the word wealth comes to mind, 30%
said land, another 30% said house, while 15% said money.

This shows that real estate takes
on different definitions for different people in different phases of life.
Several reasons have been found to contribute to each respondent’s perspective
of what they think real estate is – reasons such as background,
self-development, migration […]


How crisis affects real estate and what investors can do

A crisis, such as our world is facing now, will cause certain demography to realize the importance of having their own space either through rent or ownership such that by the time the economy revives and stabilizes, there will be an increased demand for residential real estate as people would require bigger or smaller spaces to adjust to current realities.


How to make real estate valuable in a crisis.

At the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one envisaged it would endure for so long or spread as far and wide as it has. Now, the whole world is plunged in an undeniable economic crisis. A crisis is any circumstance that negatively impacts and influences the life of an individual or group of people, which they did not cause and over which they have no control.

While some developing African countries have not been so hit by the […]


Real estate and change

A few years ago, I got concerned about a dear client’s business continuity (I can be that nosy because if my clients are in business, then I am also in profitable business as well). So I asked what plans were in place to diversify business because of some changes in the sector of that business. Gladly, plans and implementation were ongoing to manage and navigate the inevitable change in the sector.

There is the saying that “make hay while the […]



April 6th, 2019 I checked Google notifications to catch up on the latest news headline and I saw the below caption in bold.

I once withdrew $10M cash just to look at it – Aliko Dangote – Punch Newspaper

The caption was
extracted from Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s 2019 Ibrahim Governance Weekend
interview of Aliko Dangote that took place in Abidjan, Côte de voire.

Read the extract

“You know the way it is, is that when you first start a business, your target is to […]