Methuselah won the competition

Methuselah won the competition

I began investing in real estate as a novice despite family involvement in different forms of real estate. Taking people and investments on face value — believing every detail without thinking about it very much in addition to a large dose of normalcy bias.

Looking back now to the starting point, I marvel at such stupidity. The stupidity over a protracted period of almost 4 years. Thankfully, Methuselah won the competition over my stupidity. I gladly lost to 969 years.

Real estate is the asset class where prices and values can be projected to suit the goal of the person transferring the liability per time. The transferor wishing that the receiver is in a perpetual state of illusion till the transferor has achieved their goal.

While it is okay to be optimistic about investments, it is wiser to balance optimism with just enough paranoia to extract raw facts. Facts that can be leveraged and converted into profit under given conditions. These conditions you also have to identify and define.

“Someone says that some people have to be foolish for wisdom to make sense”.

This means there will always be the foolish sidethe wise side and a transition phase. So I keep asking myself on which side will I be on per time and for how long?

Interestingly I have made progress that I am proud of. Such that the losses incurred as a result of some years of stupidity fade into oblivion when placed side by side with the increasing gains.
I have learnt about the real value of the real estate and how to create options.

It is a process.

But if I did not begin the process, how would I have learnt about my stupidity?
How would I have learnt about what is now possible?
How would I have been able to know that dreams can come true and I can create the future with real estate?

And guess what, I am not stopping at the process. It pays to know, to be able to apply knowledge and see results manifest.

What are you doing to be on the wisdom side of real estate investment?

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