Why you need to protect yourself as a taxpayer and investor.

Why you need to protect yourself as a taxpayer and investor.

Isn’t it appalling that a few people will obtain huge loans, default and then tax payer’s money will be used to off-set such loans?

AMCON has been on a voracious debt recovery assignment in the past few months. I became worried for AMCON because most assets recovered are pieces of real estate (landed property, machinery and buildings). How would they manage or convert to liquidity? I was also worried knowing that there is so much anomaly in Nigeria’s real estate among other issues.

This is not to say that Nigeria’s real estate is not profitable. Of course, profitability depends on a lot of things that are within your control as an investor.

Then this appeared in the dailies.

Screen munch of The Nation's Online Newspaper

And soon afterwards, the CAMA Law amendments became public. The over 500 pages of the CAMA Act, 2019 is a piece of work for an innocent citizen like me. I needed more clarifications.

So you may ask, why should you bother about AMCON doing their job or the CAMA Act 2019?

If you are a taxpayer in Nigeria, you sure don’t want to be responsible for a debt you know nothing about. It does not seem like our system cares that much. Therefore, chances are high that taxpayers will not be spared. You should be aware so you know what your money is up against.

You would also probably invest in real estate using a limited liability or any other kind of company structure if you have not already done so. Knowing how CAMA Act 2019 and the recent amendment affects you is just okay.

In the spirit of fiduciary duty as a real estate investment expert and advisor, I am sharing with you details to the webinar in the flyer below. For an educational purpose and to learn how to better protect your money. I hope that you can attend and find the session useful. Meanwhile, please join using the button below our exclusive Facebook group where we share real estate knowledge, intelligence and inspiration.

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